Top 5 Smartphone Charging Stations and Docks

This article will look at some top universal charging stations and docks that will work with all smartphones. In addition, Apple iPhone and Motorola Droid X users will be introduced to a better dock charging option than the standard unit that was included with their smart phones.
The Present State of the Art for Universal Stations

There has been much technological development in top performing smartphone charging stations and docks. Solutions are available that fits many different needs. First is a look at a few universal chargers and docks that provide different functions.

Powermat Wireless Charging System

The Powermat wireless charging system provides top universal wireless charging by use of receivers that are purchased separately, if not included, for each type of smartphone. By use of magnetic induction the phone is attached to a receiver and placed on the mat for fast, wireless, charging.

The mat includes a universal Powercube receiver that will work with hundreds of devices. A sound indicates that connection is made. A light is on when charging is taking place. When the phone is fully charged the charging circuit is disengaged. Available at for $64.88.

MobileSpec AC Universal Cell Phone Charger

The MobileSpec charger will work with many types of cell phones and smart phones using the included six tips. It offers fast charging and automatic shutoff. Perfect for families that have an assortment of phones by eliminating the need for multiple chargers. sells this top low-cost solution for $11.14.

Kangaroom 3-Pod Charging Stations

The Kangaroom 3-Pod Charging Station unit is made for those that need the ability to charge muliple devices in one station. The Kangaroom works with smarphones, digital cameras and mp3 players.

A 10 inch power strip must be purchased separately. The charging station can be attached to the wall for added convenience. Many users complain the unit is too bulky. Sold at for $33.72.

Apple iPhone 3G Dock

The Apple iPhone 3G dock is a perfect companion to the iPhone. This quality dock uses a USB cable for attachment to a computer. The dock makes it easy to charge the iPhone and sync data.

Use an AV cable to attach the dock to a stereo system for quality music play. The audio option also turns the iPhone into a speaker phone. Purchase it at the Apple store for only $29.

Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid X

The Motorola Multimedia Charger for the Droid X smartphone is a sleek top dock that gives the user a fantastic multimedia experience. Place the Droid X into the desktop dock and watch movies, play music, and sync data while the smartphone is charging.

Use the docked Droid as an alarm clock when traveling and display time and weather. The dock attaches to a computer by using an optional USB cable. Buy this top dock at Shopandroid for $39.95.

The future of charging stations and docks

There are many charging stations and top docks available for every type of smartphone. Most solutions that are offered are specific to a particular model of smartphone and come in an array of configurations.

Industry experts agree that the future of charging stations and docks will have the ability to turn the smartphone into a full blown computer system that will eventually replace the desktop and laptop computer. This future projection is not here yet, but is getting close to reality.

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