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Why do games like ” Clash of Clans ” carry a high potential for addiction ? Lunch break in a day school . Some students have retreated to a corner of the classroom . Students pull out their cell phones and ask impatiently , “Who has a flat and makes the hotspot ” Once a student has agreed to be able to log it and play online ” Clash of Clan ” the others .

Online multiplayer strategy game along the lines of ” Clash of Clans ” are all the rage . Especially among the 10-12 year olds , there are enthusiastic supporters .
The free game app is available from iTunes and Google play Store and playable on popular smartphones or tablets . Although the game is available for free, it was one of the numerous in-app purchases to grossing apps . The recommended age for the game is between the age of nine ( iTunes ) and 13 years ( Google Play Store ) . The educational games counselor NRW recommends a minimum of ten years .

What is the attraction of Clash of Clans ? Clash of Clans is a real-time strategy in comic style . Players build on villages and defend it against enemies ( other players in clans ) . In defense forces need to be trained and sent into battle . The game ends work together in clans , by email , for example, each troop and vote chatting with the other clan members their actions with each other. Players create either your own clan or join in a clan . For a successful attack on another village they receive resources and trophies . From a certain number of cups of Clan league rises in the rankings . Among the members of an imbalance of power exists : as a clan elder one is for example able to exclude members and as the leader of a clan may be members promote or demote .
In order to have the most amount of fun on CoC, players resort to Clash of Clans Private Server , you can connect on them by using a CoC Private Switcher

Problem: In -app purchases
A necessary task in the game is to collect resources . The resources in the form of gold or elixir takes about to upgrade buildings or train troops . The most valuable resource ” jewels ” can be purchased with real money ( in-app purchase) : a jewel heap example, costs € 4.49 which jewel chest has a proud price of € 89.99 . With the use of jewels to speed up the structural or upgrade processes . Thus, the in-app buyers are among the players a clear advantage. But, as mentioned, you can use the CoC Private Switcher to play on a private server, without needing to worry about spending money on gems anymore .



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Clash of Clans Private Server 2016

Clash of Clans is the most popular game developed for mobile devices , iOS, Android, Tablets, Windows Devices, etc . It has been free since its release date, 2012 and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or the Apple Store . In this game you must raise an army and build a village which you will use to defend from other players. With your army you will raid other players’ villages for your own gain . The game is a very addictive strategy mobile game and has a player base that’s in the 10s of millions . In this article I will teach you how to play with unlimited gems and gold .

What is a Clash of Clans Private Server ?

Before teaching you how to play with unlimited gems and gold, you have to learn what a private server is . In short, a private server is another version of the game which can be modded to suit any player’s needs . This is a separate entity from Supercell’s official server so your main account on the official server will not have any ties to a Private Server .

You can play on a CoC Private Server relatively easily . The first thing you have to do is go to Clash of Clans Private Server and follow the instructions from there, which are the following : Download the original Clash of Clans Game then download the modded version from the linked website . Now, whenever you’ll launch CoC on your mobile device, you will automatically be connected to the Private Server which has unlimited Gems and Gold . You can of course switch to the official server any time you want. To do so , simply uninstall the modded version and reinstall CoC, you will then be switched to the original CoC server and to your original account, your official village will not be changed or deleted by playing on a private server .

Top reasons to play on a Private Server : 

  1.  You can play competitively with your friends without having to worry about resources
  2.  You can experience the game’s full potential and explore every little bit of the game . With unlimited Gems, you will be able to purchase every single unit, building, upgrade etc.
  3. You can play with custom mods. These mods make the game much more exciting, you can use new creatures that you wouldn’t be able to find on the official server otherwise .

So, what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and join a Clash of Clans Private Server with your friends . Enjoy CoC at its maximum potential ! Go ahead and test every single aspect of the game on this server. Try out thousands of different village set ups and thousands of different armies set ups . Test out any strategy that you have, without needing to worry about spending gems or gold on the wrong thing ! Start playing today, for free .

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