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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Full Movie DVD Rip Leaked

Written by FF7ACMovie.com on Sunday, September 11 2005
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FF7:AC Promotional Leaflet Dear Final Fantasy Fans of the World, the moment has arrived, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the full movie has been leaked by pirate group BiEN this morning (incidentally, "bien" means "well" in French and Spanish). And not only a cam or fake release, a full DVD quality release. The encoding is XviD, it is a DVD Rip Release. The film is in Japanese and the provided subtitles are also in Japanese.

See the sample proof for yourself.
Please Note: This website is does not host any Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Video Clips, it mainly an uncensored FF7:AC News and Community Resource. The links we link to may however contain unlawful material as we cannot guarantee the change in the external sites' content.

Fans around the world are translating the new release to other languages. We have received one set of FF7:AC English Subtitles by Jasconius to go with the BiEN release of the film. Fan Subbers: If you would like to distribute your fan subs (English or any other languages), please contact us!

For those unfamiliar with downloading from BitTorrent, viewing video with .sub subtitles, we recommend you read the articles in our Technical Support section.

» View Sample FF7:AC DVD Rip as Proof
    (1 minute 06 seconds, 8 MB, Direct Download)
» There are no download links to the actual DVD Rip on this website, this is FF7:AC News.
» Download FF7:AC English Subtitles by Jasconius
» Talk Back about the FF7:AC Full Movie DVD Leak
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Last Updated ( Monday, September 12 2005 )

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