Game Tips for Guitar Hero I and II

Trying to hone your Guitar Hero skills? The game’s allure is massive, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite on college campuses and in homes around the country. At the hard and expert levels, it can be harder than actually playing the guitar; here are some tips for maxing out your score and your Guitar Hero gaming skills.
When To Use Starpower

Starpower allows players to tilt their guitar controller up in the air to cause a holy rock explosion of points. It is one of the most important parts of the game; doubling up on the amount of points you make during a section of a song can really take your game to another level. The trick to using your Starpower properly is waiting until you’ve already got a 4X multiplier; that way, you’re up to 8 times the normal set of points. Of course, this is only valid if you don’t screw up once you get to the 8X point; therefore, going for the 8X multiplier right before a series of notes that you’re not likely to screw up is the best way to employ the ability.

You should try to use the Starpower as soon as you get it; that way, you’ll be able to earn more once your bar runs out.

Strings of Notes

Remember that long strings of notes in a certain section mean way more than being consistent but missing a note every dozen or so; the multiplier’s a big deal, and massively influential on your overall score. You may want to use Guitar Hero 2’s “Practice” feature to hone your chops on a section or two of a given song that keep recurring. The solos are actually less important, though honing them can make for some massive points later in the game.


Guitar Hero I and II’s later levels require lots of super fast picking, and just hitting down on the pick part of the controller isn’t going to give you the level of control you need to hit the fast streaks of notes. Instead of doing that, go both down and up; try to do this whenever possible, not just in the fast sections. It gives you a lot more control in the game.

Look Smart

If you’re getting behind on a song, only look at the notes directly in front of you. If you’re doing good, try to look farther ahead. This way, you’ll learn to adapt to different strings of notes and improve your ability.

Follow these tips and you’ll be jamming out to Free Bird and Jordan in no time. Until then, keep rocking!

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