Borderlands: World Needed This Game!!

The story begins on Planet Pandora, a desert planet inhabited by inhospitable gangs and different monsters that will attack you from every corner. At the beginning you can choose between four adventurers who are looking for alien treasure. All four adventurers are completely different so choosing adventurer you choose a way of playing (that is, class). You can choose between: Hunter, a specialist for snipers and revolvers; Soldier, he skilfully handled shotgun and machine guns; Berserker, specialists for rocket launcher and fists; Siren,she uses magic and stealth.

Points are achieved by levels you invest in the talent tree, and every adventurer has 3 talent tree. Also each adventurer has a unique ability with which he/she completely differs from other. Every adventurer can use any weapon, but if you use the appropriate, with the appropriate skill, you will be much more efficient in the fight (example: Soldier was gifted to do greater damage with shotgun and automatic rifles).

Action is mostly happening in zones that are separately loaded, and you will unlock most of them by crossing campaign. In the game, of course, you have many side quests that will bring you the money and experience points, which you will need for easier playing. The game has over a thousand types of weapons and a lot of loot, perhaps a little too much. It is also important to note that opponents gives you ammunition with which you kill them, which reduces the need for returning and buying ammunition.

In the game of course you have a vehicle that makes it easy to travel between the zones, and you can equip the vehicle with a rocket launcher or mini gun. In the single player mode the game is very fun and addictive, but not nearly as addictive as the mode for four players(cooperative mode). Campaign that includes four players means four times more opponents and four times more elite monsters and of course four time more loot.

The graphics is very very good. Environment and opponents are in cell shaded style. The effect of shooting is perfect. All praise to the developers from Gearbox.

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